Core Measures and HCAHPS


In line with COMAR 10.24.02, hospitals have been required to submit data that has been deemed as necessary by the Maryland Health Care Commission.  The Quality Measures Data Center portal was originally created for the collection of core measures and patient experience/HCAHPS data. As of December 2015 hospitals are no longer required to submit this data directly to the QMDC; an email was distributed detailing this suspension. MHCC is now utilizing the Hospital Compare downloadable data file for public reporting. While hospitals do not have to send their quality/HCAHPS data to MHCC they should continue to submit data to Quality Net.

Beginning January 2014 MHCC’s quality data collection policies are in line with those of the Inpatient and Outpatient Quality Reporting Programs. A memo was released outlining this policy change.

MHCC maintains inventories of required quality and HCAHPS measures:

CMS also maintains an inventory of required quality and HCAHPS measures on

The Hospital Performance Evaluation Guide Advisory Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review quality measures reporting changes and initiatives.