Sepsis Awareness


Sepsis is a severe and extreme response to an infection in the body. It is sometimes called blood poisoning, septicemia, or toxic shock syndrome. Sepsis can cause damage to the body’s organs and it can be life-threatening but it is treatable if caught early. Many times, sepsis is misdiagnosed because the symptoms mimic other illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), symptoms of sepsis include:

Confusion or disorientation
Shortness of breath
High heart rate
Fever, or shivering, or feeling very cold
Extreme pain or discomfort
Clammy or sweaty skin

If you suspect you or a family member may have sepsis, you should seek medical attention immediately. If you would like more information about sepsis, visit the CDC’s website here

Cheryl Douglass is a local sepsis survivor. She and her husband, Paul, are working to promote awareness of sepsis. To hear their story, click on this video
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