Health Care Costs in Maryland


A major driver of health care costs is hospital care.  An average stay in a Maryland hospital lasts about four days and costs over $14,200, based on 2015 data. This website includes price information on the most common medical conditions treated by hospitals. It is important to note that hospital charges/prices do not include Physician fees.  The Commission plans to expand this website in late 2015 with physician service and pricing information.


Controlling Hospital Costs in Maryland


Did you know that Maryland is the only state in the country that sets the rates that hospitals charge?  This unique system has been in place since 1977 and has resulted in Maryland hospital charges increasing at a slower rate than the rest of the country. A major benefit of the Maryland hospital rate setting system is that all patients contribute to the cost of providing care for those who can’t afford healthcare services. 

The Maryland hospital rate setting system is undergoing a major restructuring to improve population health, provide better overall health care, and reduce costs.   The State of Maryland and the Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) proposes accomplishing this by enhancing the value of hospital services for Marylanders by creating incentives relating to the quality, experience and coordination of care, both during and after a hospital stay. For more information on how our Maryland hospital rate setting system works, visit the HSCRC website.